Best Community Management Practices to Keep your Audience Engaged

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Best Community Management Practices to Keep your Audience EngagedBest-Community-Practice.jpgBest Community Practise


In today’s highly digital and connected society, it’s funny to think that people can still feel disconnected from others. With so many people interacting online and behind screens, this connected world can actually feel quite lonely at times. This applies to both personal and business relationships – specifically between brands and their customers or brands and their employees.

So why is it that people feel disconnected from others and the companies they do business with?

The answer is Lack of community.

 Community building remains one of the most effective marketing strategies that any business can use. In particular, we have seen the rise of community building in the crypto ecosystem, which typically consists of startups and early-stage crypto projects. Building a community in the crypto field helps nurture connections among early adopters of a project while providing a common space for experiencing, sharing, and collaboration.

When it comes to community management or generally speaking, social media strategies are not one size fits all. It’s important to stay data-savvy and flexible so you can adjust strategies accordingly

But to help you out, here are some best practices in community management to keep in mind when building a crypto community:-

Introduce community rules and guidelines–

When we talk about anything related to your business, it’s probably essential to assume that you want it to represent you well and serve as an accurate representation of your brand. Therefore, one needs to set community rules and guidelines in order to follow the same working pattern, to avoid conflicts of interest, negative energies and any form of misconception between members. 

It is essential to establish specific rules and guidelines depending on your type of community to ensure standard behavior by all members of the community.

Note- Remember to update your rules and guidelines as needed (accordingly as per your community growth, changes, etc.)

Be Authentic-

You need to be authentic when managing any type of community. When your customers, fans, followers , and prospects come to your community, they should immediately know it’s yours based on a variety of factors, like brand and voice.

Regardless of the type of interaction, being real and human is essential, whether behind a screen or face-to-face. After all, one of the main reasons you build a community is to make sure your members feel valued. 

Always maintain brand voice –

Maintain Brand Voice
Maintain Brand Voice

No matter how many people are working in your community, make sure they understand your brand voice so they can help you maintain it throughout all interactions, engagement, and content. A consistent brand voice across all social media is essential as it eliminates the potential for misunderstanding and confusion with your audience.

Use customized content template/ design –

Similar to maintaining a consistent brand voice, a customized template or design for communication materials is equally important. Aside from creating an unique identity for the brand, it makes it easy for community members to verify and differentiate between authentic and counterfeit easily.

Determine the needs and wants of your audience-

You should also ask your customer what they want to see to ensure you create and push content that is valuable and relevant to them. In addition to defining customers, this is usually done by gathering insights through social listening.

This means researching and analyzing data about what content they engage with on social media and asking for their feedback. This will help you better meet their needs and in turn increase brand loyalty and support.

Create a unique audience interaction model-

Since the main reasons for building a community around a brand and project is to get honest feedback, it is important to come up with a unique and strategic interaction model for your audience. If you want to increase community engagement quickly, try hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session.

As well as hosting a traditional AMA, you might also like to host a live session. Use a live streaming service like instagram live to do a real-time Q&A session with your community.

Learn from your mistakes and take feedback seriously-

Take Feedback Seriously

More and more brands fail to understand the identity of their audience, what they want, despise or need from them, even though the team regularly talks about these things with their clients. Don’t fall into the same trap.

The qualitative feedback provided by your social media communities should be considered as important as the numbers. Use this information as well as data on how many likes, comments and shares you get to make valuable business decisions.

Reward participation in the community-

One of the best tactics to encourage greater community involvement is to reward active members and incentivize other members to become more involved. There are many ways to do this, and the one you choose will depend on your products, your brand and your group’s overall goals.

Hence, rewards can take many forms such as honorable mention, customized merchandise, exclusive access to new/per-release products, loyalty cards, movie tickets and more which can boost the momentum of community members.

Facilitate networking opportunities-

One of the most valuable benefits of being a community member is unlimited access to opportunities. As such, the community must do well enough to facilitate and encourage networking opportunities for its members. When this happens, community members have more reasons to stay on board besides being part of the brand, knowing full well that it’s a win-win situation.

Explore new ways to keep your audience engaged-

When creating a community engagement strategy, it’s also important to remember that things can change! Therefore keep your audience abreast of new trends and explore new methods to keep them engaged. Don’t be afraid to switch up your strategies if something isn’t working or if you come across a new community engagement idea that you can think could work better.

This is one of the top-notch community engagement best practices because it allows you to continually improve and refine your community to suit the needs of your members.

Bottom Line-

With these community engagement ideas, you can start building your own community engagement strategy. Don’t be afraid to stay flexible and adapt your strategy once you start to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Are you struggling to build a strong community around your blockchain project? Our Blockchain Community Management services can help. We specialize in building communities that are passionate about blockchain technology and are willing to support innovative projects.

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