Why Ranking for Blockchain Keywords is Important

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To get quality organic traffic you must find the relevant keywords. Whereas Blockchain technology has become very popular in a few years, hence it is quite difficult to rank higher due to the industry’s strong competition. In order to increase their visibility and customers, many companies are now competing for top positions for blockchain-related keywords. We have covered everything to help you rank for blockchain keywords.

Why Ranking for Blockchain Keywords is Important

SEO techniques include keyword research, content strategy, site audits, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and a lot more. To improve your site you must follow the basic direction.

To increase the visibility and potential conversion rates for your blockchain project, it’s important to consider strategies beyond just writing an informative article. Given the high volume of new blockchain projects being introduced regularly, it can be challenging for users to discover yours without significant marketing investment.

One effective approach to improving discoverability is through search engine optimization (SEO) and targeting the right keywords. For instance, users who are interested in Web3 world are likely to search for relevant phrases such as ‘Web3 apps’ or ‘best Web3 tools’. By optimizing your website content and targeting these specific keywords, you can increase the chances of your project appearing in relevant search results and potentially attracting interested users.

Who to Target for Blockchain Keywords

Generally, blockchain companies tend to focus on catering to investors, traders, and students interested in learning about blockchain technology. The target audience may vary depending on your company or the services you provided. This can include individuals who have limited knowledge about blockchain as well as those who are willing to invest a significant portion of their income in the next promising blockchain venture.

These companies focus on catering to seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of blockchain, offering more specialized content compared to those targeting beginners. Your choice of target demographic will heavily depend on the nature of your business.

Best Tools to Rank for Blockchain Keywords

If you want to win blockchain SEO, you must have the right tools to stay ahead of the competition. Here’s a list of online keyword tools that can totally change the game.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a powerful and valuable tool for people in marketing, research, or anyone looking to gain insights into consumer behavior and the market. Generally, If you’re trying to figure out the best keywords for your blogs or FAQs this tool is the way to go. Plus, it’s a key part of SEO trends. The foremost thing about Google Trends is that it shows you which keywords are trending in real-time and you can even narrow by city and state. 


Ahrefs is one of the best keyword research tools available. You can use this tool to track your blockchain rankings, find just the right keywords for your content, check backlinks, and more. Ahrefs has different pricing plans for freelancers, online marketers, medium-sized businesses, and big companies, with rates starting at  $83 per month if you pay annually. 


SEMrush is a huge digital marketing tool that people use all around the world for marketing campaigns and content. You can use SEMrush tool to create meaningful content based on keywords that we want to target check out your website and can conduct a site audit for your project for better blockchain keyword ranking. It is very user-friendly for searching for apt keywords and it is a paid tool that can tell you many other things like domain authority, keyword research, site audit, backlink audit tools and more.


If you want to make it big in blockchain marketing, ranking for the right keywords is key. And you need to have some tricks up your sleeve to get there, like finding the organic blockchain keywords yourself. Plus, you gotta make sure your content is top-notch and check out your competitors for any SEO-optimized blockchain keywords. Lucky for you, Tg3 (blockchain SEO agency) can do all of that and then some, so you can rank high for the blockchain keywords that matter most for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know what keywords to rank for?

You can follow these steps to know:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Conduct keyword research
  • Analyze competitor keywords
  • Evaluate keyword relevance and search volume
  • Optimize your content
  • Keep track of keyword rankings 
What keywords for SEO for cryptocurrency?

Websites that rank high for crypto-related keywords such as “bitcoin,” “token,” ” crypto currencies.,” “exchange,” and “crypto market” can attract millions more visitors than other websites. What’s even better is that people who search those terms are already interested in investing, trading and learning about crypto.

What are the keywords for blockchain?
Blockchain 165,000
Blockchain technology 27,100
what is blockchain 22,200
blockchain games 12,100
blockchain stocks 8,100

What are the 4 types of keywords?

The 4 types of keywords are:

  • Broad Match Keywords: Most general and can trigger your ads to show for searches that are related to your keyword.
  • Phrase Match Keywords: Allow you to reach a more targeted audience. 
  • Exact Match Keywords: These are keywords that allow you to reach the most specific and targeted audience.
  • Negative Keywords: These are keywords that prevent your ads from showing for certain search queries that are not relevant to your product or service.
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